Changes to our Current Account service


Your current account is undergoing some exciting changes over the next few months.  At the end of the transition process, you’ll experience a smoother, more dynamic current account service with improved functionality and easier access to services.


What’s happening?

The Credit Union Current Account (CUCA) service which we operate is currently
made possible by the Association of British Credit Unions Limited (ABCUL) and
The Co-operative Bank.  This service comes to an end early next year.

Essentially, this means your existing account will not function after January 2017.  We’ve taken this as an exciting opportunity to develop a new service with new partners so you and other CUCA holders can continue to hold a current account with LCCU.


What does this mean for you?

Firstly, it means you will have a more dynamic and improved current account service rolling out from December 2016.  The new service includes:


  • Even greater convenience with the ability to manage money transfers, standing orders and payments online.
  • Better budgeting with real-time access to your account balance.
  • 24/7 access to make payments.  No need to wait for staff to approve your request during business hours.
  • The ability to ring fence funds for important bills.
  • Great customer service and telephone banking support.


You will be able to continue making transactions through your CUCA account until we migrate your existing account to a new one.  This means your account number and sort code remain the same until further notice. 

Don’t worry, we’ll give you plenty of notice and reminders about the change over the next few months.

LCCU remains deeply committed to offering our members a current account which is ethical and affordable.  We ask for patience as we make this transition together and guarantee that we’ll do everything we can to make this process as easy as possible
for members.

We are really excited by this new current account service and the improved functionality you’ll receive.

We know you will have questions and the Q&A’s below will provide some answers. However, if you have any further questions or would like to discuss your options please visit your branch or email us at


Q:  Why is the CUCA service being withdrawn?

A: The Co-operative Bank and Association of British Credit Unions Limited (ABCUL) provide the banking services which make the Credit Union Current Account (CUCA) possible. The Co-operative Bank has decided to discontinue the service and, as a result, participating credit unions throughout the UK must close all CUCA accounts


Q: How will this affect me?

A: You can continue to enjoy the benefits of your CUCA and use the service as you normally would until we advise you in writing of the deadline date for the closure of your account. We will write and advise you of the cut-off dates for closing your existing CUCA. If you would like to close your CUCA account before the cut-off date, contact your branch for more information and advice.


Q: What is the credit union doing to help members who are affected by
this change?

A:   We are working with an alternative provider so LCCU can continue offering a current account and the many wonderful benefits of this service to our members. Current account holders will be contacted in writing and informed of steps for
migrating to a new current account or we can advise of alternate services.


Q When is the change happening?

A: The transition to our new arrangements will begin from December 2016.


Q What other services will be affected by this change?

A: One of the first changes you will notice is your new sort code and account number. As a result, Direct Debits, Standing Orders and payments into your account  will be affected (see questions below for details), but we will be working to minimise any inconvenience to you. Otherwise, it will be business as usual and you can continue to use your CUCA and other credit union services as usual.


Q: If a payment is made to my account using the old sort code after the change, will I still receive the payment?

A: Once we transition to the new account there will be a redirection in place to ensure all payments are received and all Direct Debits are withdrawn from your new account.


Q: Will my account number be changed?

A: Yes, your current account number will change, however, we will keep you updated in writing before this transition takes place.


Q: What will happen to my existing direct debits?

A: Because our sort code and your account number will change, your direct debits must be transferred to your new account details by your suppliers or creditors. There
is no need to panic as we will notify your current direct debit originators in addition to having a permanent diversion on your old account details into your new account.


Q: What will happen to my existing standing orders?

A: Existing standing orders will be automatically transferred to your
new account number.


Q: Do I need to advise any of the individuals or organisations that make payments to my account about these changes, for example bill payments or CHAPS payments?

A:  You do not need to advise individuals/organisations as we will ensure that payments sent to you are credited to your account. If a payment is sent to the old sort code (08-94-13) you will receive it.


Q: What will happen to payments such as benefits, salary or pensions, deposited into my account?

A: We will ensure that payments continue to be credited to your account, whether it’s your benefits, salary or pension. If a payment is sent to the old sort code (08-94-13)
your account will be credited as usual, however, new payments, standing orders etc. must be set-up using the new account details which we will send to you.


Q: I receive Foreign Payments into my account – is there anything I need to do?

A: If you receive foreign payments into your account you will need to communicate LCCU’s Main Account details (BIC and IBAN numbers) to the senders.

The BIC number is CPBKGB22 and the IBAN number is GB11CPBK08925067008281.


Q: I currently have the CUCA VISA® Debit Card, will I still be able to use
this service?

A: Yes, you can continue to use the service until your new card is delivered.

Q: Can I use my existing card after the transition?

A: No, once we transition to the new account the old CUCA service, including the VISA® Debit Card will be terminated. Before the service comes to an end you will receive a new card and PIN number to go with your new account details.


Q: My friend has a current account with LCCU and has received a letter outlining the account switch date, I have not. When is my account switch date?

A: We will not switch everyone over to their new account on the same day. Each individual member with a current account will be notified of their unique switch date.


Q: What if I do not receive my account switch letter?

A: We will initially send you a letter to outline your account switch date followed by updates via SMS notices to your mobile phone. If you have not received correspondence from us, please contact your branch or call our customer service representatives at 020 7729 9218.


Q: I will be outside the UK during this transition period. How will my account be switched over?

A: It would be ideal to notify us of your future travel arrangements in advance
so we can plan around your needs in order to make the transition as smooth as
possible for you.


Q: I will be moving home during this period, how will I receive my letters, card
and PIN?

A: Please notify us of your new address as soon as possible so we can update our records. Once we have your new address there should not be any problems, however, to ensure a smooth transition contact your branch with any questions you may have.


Q:  Will Internet Banking services be affected?

A:  There will be no immediate change to Internet Banking, you will be able to access and use this service as normal. We are working on delivering new and improved internet banking services and you will be notified when this service becomes available.

We would like to assure our members that none of the other services we provide are affected by this change.  The decision to withdraw the CUCA service was outside of our control, however, all of LCCU’s other products and services remain available to you.

Need more information?
Contact our customer service representatives on 020 7729 9218
or email us at