Documents & Forms

Like most other organisations, we use forms to get things done. On this page you will find a list showing most of the forms and other documents that you may need to use,  along with a short description of what it is used for.

If you click on the name of any of the forms, then it will appear on your screen as a “PDF” file (or, very occasionally, a “DOC” file). You then have the option to print it, or simply to read it on the screen. Some of the forms may allow you to fill them in on the screen and send them back to LCCU.

For loans and membership, there are also “online” forms that you can use.  These get faster action.

Of course, if you want us to send you a copy of a form or brochure in the post, please telephone us or write to us and we will get it right out to you.

We are constantly updating these forms, but you can still use the older forms.


Please note, these forms may need to be downloaded to your computer to activate the interactive fields.

LCCU Adult Membership Application Form
This is the form you need to complete in order to become a member of our self-run financial co-operative. The form above will display on your computer screen and then let you fill in all the blanks and print it on your local printer.  You can then sign it and send it in or bring it in to one of our offices.

Junior Membership Application Form
If you under 18 years of age, please complete this form to open a Junior Account. If you are 16 and above you can also apply for a current account. You will receive a cash card however you can apply for an upgrade to a  Visa Debit Card when your account is upgraded at age 18.

LCCU Current Account Application Form
If you want a current account and cash card or VISA Card you must complete
this form.
Current Account Tariff
Current Account Terms and Conditions

Standing Order Mandate
If you want to make regular payments of the same amount each time to someone from your current account, please use this form. (This is not a Direct Debit Mandate, which you should get from the organisation to which you wish to make variable payments on demand.)

Payroll Deduction Form
This form lets employees of some organisations ask their employer to pay part of their salary to their account at LCCU. This can be used for savings, or to repay loans you have with LCCU. Your employer must have an agreement with LCCU to use this service.

Direct Credit Mandate
Tells and authorises organisations such at DWP and the local council to make payments directly into your LCCU account

Payment Allocation
Use this form to tell us how to allocate any payment we receive on your behalf. You can ask us to allocate each payment we receive so it suits your circumstances.

Complaints Form
You can use the form to make specific complaints about our services, individuals, or mistakes we might make. It is often better to talk to one of our branch staff  as we may be able to resolve the problem immediately.

Direct Debit
You can use the form to set up Direct Debits.


Please complete the most appropriate version of this form and forward it to your employer if you wish to assign your salary to your credit union account.
See below.

Salary Payment to your Current Account
You can ask your employer to make a direct payment to your current account if you have an active LCCU Current Account along with a Visa Debit/ Cash Card. You should also complete a standing order mandate section and submit this to us so you maintain a regular savings pattern (min of £5.00 per month is recommended). You can also split this payment between several accounts or even to repay a loan or flexi credit account, please complete and submit the allocation section to instruct us how to allocate/split your standing order when it is received.

Salary Payment to your Instant Access Account
If you do not have a current account you can request to have your salary paid into your Instant Access Account. Please inform us when you have requested this so we could  update our records and avoid delay in processing your salary payment. Please ask your employer to quote your Membership or NI number as a reference when they send the payment. If they can only use your employee/ payroll number or name you would need to inform us immediately. In order to ensure you save the amount you can afford (minimum suggested is £5.00 per month) and If you wish to split your salary between several accounts or even to repay a loan or flexi credit account, please complete and submit the allocation mandate allocation mandate to instruct us how to allocate/split your salary payment when it is received.

To see our current rules please read our Rule Book.