Choose from our range of deposit accounts

London Community Credit Union provides a range of flexible deposit accounts to help you manage your savings and meet specific goals.

Click on the headings below for further information about each type of account:

Current Accounts

London Community Credit Union offers a choice of four current accounts to suit the way you wish to manage your money. Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each account provides different benefits. Our Gold and Platinum offering comes with Contactless Debit Mastercard. Each new member is allocated a free Bronze account which can be upgraded at any time.

Saver Plus Account

London Community Credit Union’s main savings account is intended for long-term saving. Each new member is given a Saver Plus Account which holds your initial deposit (minimum £10). As part of your commitment to the credit union, you are expected to save regularly into your Saver Plus Account. We discourage regular withdrawals or transfers out.

Christmas Saver Account

Saving a little and regularly towards the cost of the festive season can make all the difference. Our Christmas Saver limits withdrawals (without penalty) to October – December each year to stop you spending the money you’ve put away. The account is available to all adult members.

Event Saver Account

The flexible savings account to use when you have something to save for. Whether its a wedding, a new car, or you just have some spare money to put away. Use this account to keep your money safe. There are no limits on withdrawal limits. The account is available to all adult members.

Holiday Saver Account

London Community Credit Union’s Holiday Saver is free to set up and available to all adult members. Your money is kept safe and we limit you to two annual withdrawals (without penalty) to reduce the temptation to dip into your holiday funds.

Junior Accounts

Junior membership is available to people under 18. A parent/guardian can open an account and choose to set limits on withdrawals for junior members or the age at which a junior member will take control of their account. Junior accounts become full adult accounts when the member reaches 18 years.

Making Payments & Deposits

Read about the different ways you can make payments into your credit union deposit accounts.