Why Open a LCCU Savings Account?

If you want a flexible savings account and superior customer service without high monthly or annual fees, then a LCCU savings account is the perfect option for you. The many benefits of saving with LCCU include:

  • You can save as little, or as much, as you can afford.
  • We don’t dictate the pace of your savings, you have the flexibility of putting money away when you can without any penalties.
  • You can start saving with as little as £1.00 per week
  • We offer a wide variety of savings accounts including Junior Savings, Special Event Savings and Current Accounts.
  • Easy and convenient access to your money.
  • Low fees
  • Free Life Saving Protection on your savings (up to £2,000). This is a valuable nest egg for your loved ones when you die**
  • When you save with LCCU, you receive a share of any profits we make*
  • Your savings, up to the value of £85,000, is protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme

*Dividend payments are distributed annually

** Terms and Conditions apply