Hackney Young Savers Account

Dear Year 7 Pupil,

Hackney Young Savers Account

Starting secondary school is a really important point in a young person’s life when you start to take more responsibility. Opening this savings account is a great first step for young people to think about the importance of saving money.

The Hackney Young Savers Account is available to every Year 7 pupil. When you open an account Hackney Council will pay £20 into the account as a starter. This money will stay in the account until you are 18. Applying is easy simply click on the apply button below.

We have launched this scheme to encourage you to save a little each week or month for your future. We also hope this will help you to think about money matters from a young age.

The London Community Credit Union is Hackney’s local bank and is there to serve the local community. It does not make a profit and allows members to save regularly. Although the £20 offer is only for Year 7 pupils, other family members might also be interested in opening accounts at the same time.

Councillor Linden
Councillor Bramble